My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 8 – Rule Of Thirds – Siren Craft Brew (Berkhampsted)/Beavertown Brewing (hackney)/Magic Rock Brew Co (Hudderfield) – 6.4% abv – IPA – from Barbeerian (Whitefield)


Siren Craft, Beavertown, Magic Rock. Reads like a Who’s Who of craft brewing doesn’t it? Hell, 2 of these were voted 2nd best new brewery IN THE WORLD in Ratebeer rankings! This. Is. Pedigree. (No, not the Marstons version!) But does the beer live up to all the craft hype I’ve been hearing?

I threw the kitchen sink into this one. Well. I poured in the sediment anyway! This resulted in a (London) Murky deep gold with a persistent white head and an aroma…..WOW! Booming with mango juices. This might JUST cut it!

PARTY TIME! It’s like they’ve taken a third of a litre of tropical fruit juice and fermented it! Mango, peach, passion fruit, sweet baby Jesus and the orphans is this GOOD! Massively fruity on first sip (and this is NOT a glugger!), this is a full-bodied tropical fruit Mardi Gras that dances around the mouth – drunkenly – before disgorging it’s resinous pine payload, drying the tongue and palate.

With all of the hype, I wondered if it was overrated, as some beers – in my experience (and opinion) have been, but – in this case – absolutely NOT! An absolute beauty of a UK IPA which stands with all of the Stones, Odell etc.

I rather liked it. (As did Donkey!)