Pandering to the “Anti” Gallery – For the Sh1ts & Giggles

This week, I’ve buried a colleague. I’ve also lost a friend. The latter to Covid. So I crave your forgiveness if I get a little emotional. But some things can not pass without comment.

From the Managing Director of JW Lees Brewery

Now then. We all have opinions. Mine are certainly no more valid than most. And I completely ‘get’ that his business depends on pubs staying open. And as ‘unrestricted’ as possible. I’m not unaware of the struggles of the hospitality sector. But – of all breweries in the North, Lees are hardly poverty stricken.

He /they might come back about this. But hey….. might have a modicum of sympathy for Mr Lees if he wasn’t an active member of the SBDRC, looking to reduce the tax relief to small breweries, to reduce the competition by lobbying the Government via several interlinked cabals (SBDRC, BBPA etc). (Multiple blog posts on this site, here, here, here, here, here & here) Jesus may weep. But I won’t.

Here we go again…..

Posturing. Pandering to the burning torch ‘anti-everything’ brigade. By symbolically ‘barring’ people who will never appear within a hundred yards of a Lees pub. To amuse Lockdown sceptics. Covidiots. “Freedom” Warriors. It’s pathetic. Sickening. Gives succour to the mask dodgers. Legitimacy to habitual naysayers.

During. A. Public. Health. Crisis.

Are these the actions of a responsible man?

As a drinker, as an individual, if you deal with this company, I’m out.

Stay safe. Have a lovely festive season. Jx