Protocols & Hate

“…..I’ve learnt today, while falling apart,
The most eloquent way, to speak or to pray,
Is straight from the heart.

Oh but to shine like Joan of Arc,
You must be prepared to burn.” Green Isaac – Prefab Sprout

I’ll be the first in line when it comes to criticising Breweries and Pubs with regard to their communication. Both with emails and social media. To be frank, the majority are quite, quite shit at it. I know. I “organise” a beer festival. And can wait weeks for a reply.

So. It’s refreshing when a hospitality business gets things right. In terms of clarity of message. Like below.

What this position does, is stepping ahead of – “fluid” and that’s being kind – Government policy. Which is not really anything. Pushing the responsibility onto Jo Public. Personal responsibility. Which, in light of the multiple violations of Lockdown by Government and their direct public servants – carry little weight.

So. The Marble Arch. One of the best pubs in the UK (IMO obviously). The management decided to revert to the policy they had following the last Lockdown. Face coverings on entry and when when moving about the pub. Reverting to – rather excellent – table service.

Cue the rabid “Freedom Warriors”. Many of whom didn’t even seem to be from the Manchester area. Ranting. Raging. Moaning.

Now. The good thing was that they were in the minority. The vast majority of the responses praised the actions of the pub. But some, a few…… I despair.

Now then. If you choose NOT to wear a face covering. If you don’t like that policy, you have the (precious) freedom to not frequent that venue. There are lots of pubs in Manchester. Many of which may not adopt such a policy. But, at a time when hiring staff in hospitality is – to put it mildly – difficult, I think that to protect your staff is, quite simply, responsible. It’s just COMMON SENSE. Especially if those staff are working their backs out. Stressed. Which brings me to the real kicker……

One of the staff put a post on her personal twitter account. That she was struggling. Potential nervous breakdown was mentioned. Echoing the feelings of many in hospitality. That they are struggling. Working under pressure. Not knowing if they are even going to be working soon – given Government indecision and toadying to their lunatic fringes.

Then a response was posted. I won’t publish the account. It would only give that “person” the oxygen of publicity (apologies for the Thatcher quote). But that post, referring to Mental Breakdown, commented “Hurry Up”.

Is this where we are at? That there are some sick bastards who think that the anonymity of a SM account means that they can say something so potentially harmful?

Not in my world. That’s simply beyond the pale.

I’m no shrinking violet. My hide is fairly tough. It has had to be over the last few years. I challenge this shit. And the strange thing is, they rarely come back. They are shithouses. Keyboard Warriors. Not a shred of empathy. Morally bankrupt.

And don’t get me started about Covidiots wanting a business to go bankrupt. (Yes. There was more than one of those.)

These people have families. Bills to pay. Feed themselves. Employees that depend upon them. The least they can ask is to not be subject to abuse. To be shouted at across the bar.

Grow up.

You have your politics. Your precious idea of “freedom”. Your whacked out opinions. With zero scientific basis. Keep them to yourself. Or your little closed circuit of mutual permanent disgruntlement.

The rest of us will continue to treat people with respect. Like decent humans do.

Empathy. Get some.