Putting History in the Shadow of “Progress”

The Britons Protection. Those who know it, get it. For those who don’t, it is – as a pub – one of the most beautiful I’ve ever entered.

It’s that special.

I’ve been going in there, periodically, for over 35 years now. It’s a thing of absolute beauty.

One of the oldest pubs in the city center, it bore witness to The notorious Peterloo Massacre of 1819 and is said to have been “used as a refuge by folk escaping the attentions of recruiters for the Napoleonic War” hence the name.

“…. has stood proudly I on the corner of Gt Bridgewater Street and Lower Mosley Street since 1806….”

The best beer garden in Manchester. Bar none. With sunlight. But not for much longer. Unless…..

But, if developers get their another edifice of concrete and glass may be on its way, stealing the light.

If planning is approved for this…. Please click and read.

Quote “…. We have been working with our leading Manchester-based team to design a scheme which will complement the neighbouring buildings – including the much-loved Briton’s Protection ……” I nearly choked on my beer! And the next absolute zinger?

Just to give some sense of scale….

“… Throughout the design process we’ve been focussed on designing an ambitious yet complementary scheme…..” Now I don’t know about you, but “complementary”? DOES THAT LOOK COMPLEMENTARY??? IT’S A PUB SANDWICH!!!

Not only is it YET another “monstrous carbuncle” (©Charles Windsor) on the face of this beautiful and historic city (and mere yards from The Hacienda of my distant youth) it’s a desecration of this historic area.

Every time I come into the city, it seems that there is something new blocking out someone’s sunlight, as the city increasingly sells off and loses its history. I’m truly not against progress. I’m not a against the city growing, prospering.

But not at any price. Not when the truly beautiful architecture and history of this city is dwarfed like so many Liliputian huts, surrounded by titanic expanses of glass and concrete.

I have absolutely no personal concept as to how they shoehorn THAT thing onto that corner and leave the pub on place. I just can’t see it. But what I can currently see is this….

Peterloo Massacre – with the BP in the background

This truly is one of Manchester’s most beautiful pubs. I can’t write much more, I’m trying to calm down from #VISBF2 and didn’t expect to get so pissed off. Please, please, PLEASE check out the consultation, object, push this idea back to the little corner of capital and concrete Hell from which it must have emanated.

This isn’t about improving or enhancing Manchester. It’s about naked greed. Greed that could lead to the wiping out of another piece of true Mancunian beauty, history and culture.

We can’t let that happen.

Back soon. Honest. Jx

Be kind to one another.