Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2019 : Hit List

Yesterday afternoon was meant to be about scouting out breweries for #ISBF6. That plan lasted roughly 1 minute. I just gave in to the pleasures of chatting to friends introducing people and drinking excellent beer.

For someone who repeatedly professes not to like large beer festivals, I had fun. And whilst that was mostly about the people – as it should be – there was some bloody good beer. Here are my recommendations…

MallinsonsNelson Sauvin : 3.8% abv (Mallinsons Bar)

From the Queens of the Single Hop Pales comes this. A perfect example of how to use this sharp NZ devil.

All the gooseberry tartness. Sharp and nicely bitter. Bloody gorgeous and refreshing. A perfect starter.

And whilst on refreshment…

Black JackTable Beer 3.5% abv (Black Jack bar)

Table beers never cease to amaze me. This is remarkably full bodied and nicely hoppy. Again really refreshing and another one for early on.

Likewise with….

Northern AlchemyMoroccan Spiced Mild : 3.5% abv (Bar 2 – I think)

Yes. You read that right. Moroccan. Spiced. Mild.

We had it 2 years ago at #ISBF3 on keg. And it was (and still is) our fastest ever seller.

Dark brown, light bodied slightly fruity and subtle use of warming spices. Aromatic and bloody tasty.

Brass CastleHygge Figgy : 5.7% abv (Wood Bar)


Rich and very fruity. The wood lending an additional sweet note of vanilla I thought which worked SO well.


Thirst Class Ale x Tickety Brew – Plum & Licorice Stout : 6.5% abv (Thirst Class bar)

A catch up from #ISBF5 with one that I missed.

Delicious and fruity, the licorice is subtle and sneaks up on you later in the tasting. Seriously enjoyable beer from a far too underrated brewery.

Five TownsBlackout : 8.8% abv (Bar 1)

One of the main reasons I went. I’d only ever had this in bottle before and had to remind myself to grab one before I left.

Oh. My. Days.

Rich. Roasty. Big bodied.

One of those beers that it does an injustice to say that it’s just a beautiful big Stout. But it is just that.

I could wax lyrical. But…. Described by a good friend as “The Stoutiest Stout Ever”.

I’ll leave that there. Don’t miss it.

Wished I’d Tried……..

Little EarthBlackberry & Nettle Sour : 4.5% abv (Kegstar bar)

Because it’s Little Earth. And they do what they do exceptionally well.

GibberishPeanut Butter Raspberry Jelly Stout : 6% abv (Bar 1)

I mean… Why the hell wouldn’t you?

You Should Try

Five TownsCandidate : 9% abv (Wood Bar)

The Beer of the Festival winner at #ISBF5. All the blueberry. And it’s tasting utterly lush. And nothing like 9%.

Dangerous. But SO worth it.

It’s #Tryanaury. So go try something different. There’s plenty to go at.

Back soon.