Across The Tracks – All Steam Ahead

Some times, you just appreciate an opportunity.

I needed a chat. About “stuff”. (More later) But Gareth suggested Trackside in Bury. 10 minutes for him, 1 hour and 45 for me. But hey, for what was to come……

The “stuff” will be subject of another post – I hope – to chat with the boy Williams is always a pleasure (not to mention the “surprise” from the lovely Kate!) . But the pub – if I can call it that – was kind of the pull. The lure. I think that the sneaky bastard knew that he’d had me when he pitched the location.

You see, I’d become disillusioned with Trackside. It had descended to something a bit banal. The beer selection had gotten…… lazy. A bit boring.

Then along comes Will.

You see, I’d always loved this building, if struck me as a bit like an ancient Saxon Longhouse, maybe a Feasting Hall. But with hand pumps. And keg fonts.

I’m a bit of an English history nerd you see.

I love the fact that it’s part of the East Lancashire Railway set up. Friends of mine with absolutely no interest in beer come for a Steam fix. That cross between Thomas the Tank Engine & Casey Jones.

But you see, from a beer perspective – for me – this place now sells itself. I mean, if I lived in Bury, I certainly wouldn’t be catching the Metro to Manchester!

And the beers I tried – on cask – were bloody lovely. Cwrw Ial, Squawk, Brewsmith & Brass Castle all superb. I know from recent tweets that he’s had some North Riding on too – and I was gutted to miss it.

I think there may be a trip in the air.

The pub is located on the platform of the Bury stop of the East Lancashire Railway. At the end of the line is the Sister pub – The Buffer Stops. If this has a range anywhere close….. And I’m told that it has…

Just, you know…..

Call me an old romantic if you will, but there’s something that just grabs me. The bar itself is lovely and comfy. The tunes were right up my street, superb background tuneage and I regularly caught myself with a “never heard THIS in a pub before…”

But this isn’t a club night. It’s about a pub. And a custodian. Who is taking the place forward. Doing the right things. Getting in great beer and serving it perfectly.

Now the Moses Gate Bridge is back open, I think me and The Lovely One will be paying a few visits.

Go see the yourself. It’s only 5 minutes from the Bury Metro terminus. Just down the side of the ELR station.

You won’t regret it.

Back soon. Jx