The Road To Wigan Beer Festival 2018


It’s easy to get bored with beer festivals. Same old, same old. Well. OK. I’M easily bored.

It takes something special to get my attention, to fire my enthusiasm. The Road To Wigan Beer is one of those. A special thing.

The Arch Nemesis and myself have been going on this jaunt for over 5 years now. It ticks all of my boxes.

  • Great beer – Sourced by Team Allgates.
  • New breweries.
  • Great company (+ me)
  • Great pubs.

And add a 70 seater bus to take you round 7 of them.

It was the first beer event I went to after our World fell apart. And it didn’t feel strange. It felt like a warm beery comfort blanket.

In short, I can’t praise this highly enough. One of only two unmissable events this year for Jaz &  me. (The other being East West Fest)

Some simply lovely proper local pubs. With excellent beers. And one of my favourite pubs of all in the Crooke Hall Inn – on the bank of the Leeds – Liverpool canal. 

Last Easter, finally, some of our Mancunian beer friends decided to give it a whirl. And had an absolute blast. Ask them. (And they are all waiting for the date so they don’t miss out!)

The actual “festival” is spread across 10 or so days and 7 or so pubs. And on one of those days (the first Saturday of the event) a bus is booked to take a bunch around all of those pubs. As I said, we call it the “fun bus”.

The bus stayed “in depot” last October. Disappointed doesn’t quite cover it. But there was a promise made to take to the highways and byways of Wigan Borough again in early 2018. It’s great news to see that David has kept his word.

The date for the bus? 21/04/2018. The day after the 33rd occasion of my 21st birthday. If you’re lucky (!) I’ll even let you buy me a beer to celebrate!

For tickets – contact Harley on 07796 048239

Come and join us.