A Mancunian Response – #HopsNotHate 

Words. Words don’t seem to cut it at the moment.

On Monday evening, I was at a meeting in the NQ at 57 Thomas Street. We were relaxed, I was there longer than intended. I caught the #8 bus to Bolton at 10:30. After a couple of minutes, I looked up and we were WAY off route. The bus was at the top of Trinity Way. Next to the MEN Arena.

I just thought that – what were obviously scenes of confusion – was the usual outspilling of a sellout gig. I had my headphones on. I had no idea. I was listening to Metal Box by PiL. And the track Albatross. I quoted a lyric on Facebook

“Sowing the seeds of discontent….. ”

And I had no idea whatsoever what had just happened. Until I got home. And the horror.

Then the Mancunian response. Free taxis. Offers of beds for the night, offers of brews (which in Manchester, isn’t a beer reference…). People from near and far, responding. With concern. With love. Caring.

Predictably, the next day, the “English Defence League” arrived. Peddling their vile message of hatred. “Sowing the seeds of discontent….. “. And Mancunians responded. By howling them down.

Piers Morgan on breakfast TV. “Sowing the seeds of discontent….. “. Ranting and railing against the Muslim community. Casting blame. And Sally Dynevor (from “Corrie”), calling him out. Being reasonable. Sensible. But taking no shit.

I fucking love this city.

So, in the afternoon, I showered, put on my shorts and a clean t-shirt and headed into Mancunia. To do the “normal” thing. On a decidedly abnormal day.

To me, Mancunians have always flipped the finger to adversity. Manchester is a city of love, not hatred. My Manchester is inclusive. It pulls together. Mancunians care. They look after – and out for – each other.

I – and have no idea how – blundered into a twitter conversation

Manchester. The word “bellend” seems peculiarly Mancunian. And that twitter exchange sparked something off.

#HopsNotHate is a hashtag used by Danish brewers Dry and Bitter for charity fundraising. Graciously, they have allowed us to appropriate it for this event. I first noticed it (not being a devotee of Danish brewing) when my good friend Jeff changed his Twitter name to HopsnothateMan. It stuck in my mind.

Manchester knows how to enjoy itself.

So. Put on your disco pants. Flip that finger. Let’s get together and have a beer party. And raise some cash.

The idea is that Steve at Beer Nouveau will open his doors and put on a bar full of beer from some great breweries. (At least one other venue may become involved. Check the FB Page for updates) All monies raised from the sales will go to the crowdfunding set up by the MEN in the aftermath of the atrocity to help support victims’ families and a local homeless charity. We’ve already had offers of beer donations from all over the place. And that’s before we’ve formalised anything.

That’s Manchester. Right there. Generous of spirit.

So come on down to Beer Nouveau’s arch on 9th June from 4pm. We are Mancunians. We live in the greatest city on earth. Let’s party. It’s what we do. Tickets here

(The event may expand – slightly – to meet demand)

On The 6th day

(Dancing on tables will be optional)