Fancy a Walk? – A Pub Crawl of Mancunian Gems (For Manchester Beer Week) 

Manchester Beer Week in 2016 was a fabulous success. Ambitious  in the extreme, but Connor Murphy pulled it off. Beer events to drool for all over this magnificent city that most of us call home. But it lacked a little something. A pub crawl.

I was asked if I’d do one. Connor is a difficult man to refuse, his enthusiasm for this city of beer is infectious. But last year, I bottled it. I simply couldn’t get my head around the choices to make and (more importantly) which pubs could I leave out. I chose an easier route. To play to my “strengths” and host a talk about the great beers and breweries of Manchester.

This year. I’ve steeled myself. And made those choices. The parameters being slightly easier.

My Favourite Manchester Pubs.

And whilst those parameters may seem tricky – there are some simply stupendous pubs in this great city – it comes down to a simple thing. And that thing is something that I crave.

A Mancunian Soul.

It’s not necessarily about Mancunian beer. It’s about the venue. Although excellent Mancunian beer WILL feature. It has to. I refuse to pollute my tastebuds with anything less.

The aim is for me to talk you through a little about each pub and for somebody from either the brewery/pub/selected brewery to come along and have a little chat too.

There is a price to be paid for this. A small price. £5. But it isn’t for me. All cash raised from the sale of these tickets will be donated by Manchester Beer Week to The Campaign Against Living Miserably or CALM. People who do fantastic work with young people suffering with mental health issues. And a charity dear to the hearts of my family and friends.

If you fancy this, wear good comfortable shoes. There are a couple of leg stretching walks involved! (Of course, there is a Metrolink Option from Shudehill to Deansgate….)

The pubs – in order….

The Jolly Angler – Ducie Street (behind Piccadilly Train Station)

The Smithfield (Swan Street)

The Marble Arch (Rochdale Road)

Optional metro ride to….

Cask (Liverpool Street)

The Brink (Bridge Street)

There are no drinks included. That – for reasons of logistical simplicity – will be down to yourselves.

Tickets will be limited. So if you fancy listening to me (Manchester beer’s most boring….) don’t hang about. Tickets by clicking here or by accessing via the Manchester Beer Week website.

I might even let you into a secret or two about the (Fourth Coming of) The Independent Salford Beer Festival….

So. Grab a ticket. Meet me at the bottom of Piccadilly Approach at the junction with Ducie Street at 12:00 on 1st July. Come for a pub walk with a difference. 

It will be my pleasure.