Home Beers – May 2017 

I haven’t done one of these posts for nearly 10 months. Shit takes over you know…

But there are some simply magnificent beers knocking around – from all over the country. So, for the next few “Home Beers” posts, I’m going to break my Prime Objective. There’ll be non-Northern beers making an appearance.

It shouldn’t take much figuring out why….

PulpVerdant Brewing – 8% abv – DIPA – 330ml – Craft Brewtique (Urmston)

I’ve always been a late adopter. One of those individuals who waits for the hype to die down. One of those who takes time to let ground settle. You’ll never see me queuing up for iPhone 8 on release day (not that I’d ever buy a crApple).

I’m the same with beer. I want to wait. Sniff the air, assess the hype. Then, give it a try. It’s the hype justified, or just know alls talking complete bollocks.

I waited with Verdant. And waited. Then I dived in. And I don’t want to come out of the water ever again.

Pulp. Cracking the can open just flooded the nose with tropical smells, fleshy peach and mango, promising so much juiciness. A proper “come hither” crooking of the aromatic finger. But this ain’t worth shit if the tastes don’t bank it up. Fortunately….

This is just SO juicy. Full on fruitiness flooding the mouth and getting the saliva glands doing overtime. More fleshy fruit, mango & peach but with a hint of fresh spring grass. Couldn’t get away from that essence of freshness.

It’s nice to note a finish with a degree of bitter bite at the end. I’m a fan of a judicious touch of bitterness, something that I’ve started to think has been designed out of the DIPA of late. This bitterness is subtle and leads to a sweet and sticky resinous aftertaste.

And a big lip smacking yum.

Human CannonballMagic Rock Brew Co – 9.2% abv – DIPA – 500ml – The Brink (birthday present from the Arch Nemesis)

This beer occupies a very special place on this blog. It was on the night I first drank this – back in 2012 in Brew Dog Manchester – that I decided to start this damn blog. This thing that inexorably led to ISBF. And this beer – in its 2012 iteration – was my first “beer of the year”. It made a huge impression.

And when Jaz dropped it on me on Thursday, I daren’t drink it. I wanted to savour it.

So I did. And opening the can was like a cross between C hop heaven and opening a bag of Tangfastics. Fruity, with hoppiness fizzing up my nose! More mango fruit, maybe a little tangy gooseberry too. Just….. Ooh…

Wow. Just wow. Juicy as. Smooth carbonation enhances the juiciness with mango again foremost, courtesy of my old friend Citra. There is a herbal piney leafy note to this too, probably courtesy of the late Chinook additions. Quite sticky and resinous after the swallow.

Dry and fruity in the finish, the Chinook raises its cone again with a big pine resinous finish. A fine, fine beer. Just need to locate its big brother Unhuman now!

The ExpatriateWilde Child Brewing Co (Leeds) – Pale Ale – 4.5% abv – 330ml – Artisan Ales

Huge tropical hop aromas from this well carbonated and hazy mix gold beer. Initial mango giving way to a hint of gooseberry and kiwi. Tantalising….

Nice and smooth in the mouth with that fine carbonation, more tropical fruit flavours with that kiwi prominent. The second mouthful revealing a little mango and pineapple. A really refreshing fruity mouthful.

Moderate bitterness leads to a dry, grassy and resinous aftertaste.                                            
All in all, a beautifully refreshing sessionable Pale from this new Leeds (to me) brewery. Well worth seeking out.


NW DIPA CitraCloudwater Brew Co – DIPA – 9% abv – 500ml – Jaz (from the brewery)

Unleash The Mancunian Murk! Citra you big bad fruity bastard……

Yes. It’s hopped to murkery. And? It smells ludicrously fruity, BIG mango and all kinds of tropical nonsense going on in here. It’s a fruit bomb on the nose!

In the mouth, I need to first get past the torrent of saliva unleashed by the aroma….

Sooooo fruity. Yes, mango central, but there is orange pulp edging the tongue too followed by an unexpected whack of bitterness before the inevitable sticky resinous hop finish.

I wouldn’t say that I’m on point with DIPAs, they aren’t my favourite style for sure. But this is certainly the best of the Cloudwater iterations that I’ve had. I thought that Birthday and v12 were impressive, but this is gorgeous.

And frighteningly drinkable for the strength.

Imperial Brown StoutThe Kernel – Imperial Stout – 9% abv – 330ml – Artisan Ales

I mean, look at it. Brooding. Mean and moody. And simply magnificent. Black. Creamy tan head chucking out aromas of bitter chocolate, rum and old leather. A stunning combination.

Oh my…… So, so, so smooth. So smooth. Beautifully smooth, tongue coating. Bitter chocolate sweetness upfront reminiscent of dark muscovado. Followed by a little bitter Espresso, making my tongue tingle at the edges. Simply beautiful.

Second mouthful brings more bitter chocolate, but a distinct dusty cocoa and finishes distinctly grassy hopped. And making me smile from ear to ear.