A Yearly Highlight – Bolton Beer Festival (CAMRA) 

In this world of hype that we appear to live in, there are some things that get thousands of lumens of incandescence. And there are things that exist in the shadows cast. But some of these things are nonetheless outstanding. And when I say “outstanding”, I choose my words carefully.

One such event is the beer festival hosted by the Bolton branch of CAMRA, each year, at the Ukrainian Social Club on Castle Street.

Even though I am a member – something the opinions of some fellow members test on a regular basis – CAMRA beer festivals frequently leave me cold, with dull beer selections being my most frequent complaint. But here, in 4 years of going, I have had no complaints whatsoever.

Simply put, the beer list never lacks for variety and eclecticism. Graham, Pete, Linda and the rest of the team are unafraid to take some risks with local palates. And the thing that should never be forgotten, is that – to many – these local fests may be the only one some locals ever go to. So there is a tightrope to be walked between experimentalism and local tastes.

And it is one that this selection walks with confidence.

I was really pleased that I managed to persuade Stanley to drag his handler all the way from Cheshire. Pleased too that my good buddy Ragnar made a first appearance too. I got the distinct impression that they enjoyed it and felt it worth the journey. A rare sighting of the lesser spotted Deeekos too. People who don’t mind a journey for a decent beer.

The food was predictably excellent too, with the Street Food flamboyance of Cameroon’s finest export since Roger Milla – Alain of Nkono – doing great business with his Jerk chicken and wild venison curry…. Lovely stuff.

Personal beer highlights? A sublime Mosaic Light from Black Jack, the Proper Ace grisette from Rivington, the beautifully peachy (as it should be) Impeachment from Five Towns (and me), the Tan Halen from Cwrw Ial (big Salted Caramel Stout….. Yum) and a gorgeous American 5 Hop from Blue Bee of Sheffield.

But to be honest, there were no duffers in my selections. All superb. And I didn’t have to look too hard either. The beer list is THAT good.

I’m hoping that the Northern Rail strike won’t hit the festival too hard. Even so, this bash is – in my humble opinion – too good to miss. I’m bloody busy at the moment, what with cajoling breweries into supplying #EvilKegFilth for our October do, volunteering at the superb idea that is Berries, Beans & Beer. I barely have a spare hour.

But I wouldn’t miss this for all the hops in the Yakima Valley. You shouldn’t either. It’s on today (Friday) and tomorrow.

I’m going back tonight – I’ve got some unfinished business with that beer list……