New Mills – An Unexpected Journey 

The Beer Shed

This was kind of a last minute thing. Almost until the minute I left the front door. I’ve been kind of wanting to pop up to New Mills for a beer for a while, my System 1 County Card does the business for the train. And the Peak District air is always an attraction.
I’d only been to New Mills a few times, always to the simply immense BBQs hosted by good friends Mick & Karen – the odd 5 litre carry out may have featured – but recently, with the advent of Torrside & the recent entry to Micro Pub world The Beer Shed, the longing to pop up for a beer had steadily grown. The Easter weekend opening of Torrside’s tap room crystallised that.

It’s a pretty journey on the train to New Mills. At least, once you start to hit the ascent from Manchester. And the thing to remember is, that New Mills has TWO train stations. For a small town, it’s rather blessed.

Having been to a couple of the local pubs – dominated by Robinsons & pubcos – the two places that stood out, as I thought they would, were The Brew Shed & Torrside tap. They were worth my 3 hour round trip alone.

The Beer Shed

I wanted to get an earlier train, until I was told that this place didn’t open until 2. And at that point, I was already headed towards Manchester on the train. I won’t mention what I did to fill the time gap. The pubs were as comfortable as the beer (Robinsons & Everards) was forgettable. Not bad – by any stretch – but not my taste these days.

Once Russell, the owner, opened the doors to Beer Shed, I was found. Whereas previously I was lost.

The Torrside “Win Tor” (whisper the word) Mild, was a smooth, slightly choccy roasted delight. 4% abv and Oh so repeatable. Which I did. The pub however….. I was ashamed to leave.

A single narrow room with the bar narrowing the room in the middle, this place is just right. Small, intimate and with some thought going into the beers on both cask and keg. With some lovely beery decorations too.

Bench seating is the order of the day – out of necessity – and you can probably (at a pinch) fit 40 in, this is a pretty place and has an older soul than I expected. I was immediately smitten. Maybe it’s a micro pub thing, but this place had a feel like the offspring of The Brink mated with Bar Fringe (without the Belgian taps).

3 cask beers from Torrside, Cross Bay & Hobo Brew Co (new to me). The 6 keg taps (one unused today) featured Rivington, Tiny Rebel, Redchurch, Beavertown & a Belgian offering from Timmermans. Russell seems to be doing all the right things in what (I would think) is a tricky market. The keg offering today would be popular in Manchester but, in an area full of traditional pubs – and dominated by Robinsons – I think Russell has got himself a niche. A little USP.

The beer is kept well. The prices – for a Manc drinker – superb. The beer selection is excellent. I’ll be back. (And if you go to Torrside this weekend, give it a look in. It’s worth it.

Then to Torrside.

Busy as. And deservedly so.

Chris, Nick & Peter (the Torrside triumvirate) can brew. I’ve known that for a while. I tasted several beers brewed by each when they submitted to a home brew contest judged at Brew Dog Manchester. And along with a few pro brewers (Brew Dog, Tickety, 7 Brothers & – now – Abbeydale) I was one of the judges.

I was stunned that a place like New Mills had its own “home brew group”, then – come the awards – the same names kept coming up. Frequently, they were the guys above. What I didn’t know then, was that they were to coalesce, as Torrside Brewing.

A brewery that brewed – still – my favourite bottled beer of all, American Barleywine.

These guys are good. And I was pleasantly surprised to find I could catch a train to get to New Mills, to try a beer or two.

(I had to have an Arch Nemesis egg head shot….)

The place was pleasantly busy. With a good mix of locals and beer nerds – me included. With my time constraints (an important family time this weekend), I only managed three beers. The Licorice Mild was a delight. The Spartacus IPA was simply astonishingly good. I had to have two.

And – as I was leaving – the local beer legend the is Stanley arrived. With his owners. I was gutted that I had to go.

Located beautifully adjacent to a canal basin – and within two minutes of New Mills Newtown station, these brewtaps are something not to be missed. And with the beer so good, you’d be daft to.

Just remember to pop into Beer Shed too. It really is worth it. And only 3 minutes from the “other” station, New Mills Central.

This weekend, you know what to do. (Followed by GRUB, Beer Nouveau, CW Barrel Store, Beatnikz…..)