Fortune Favours The Brave – Beatnikz Republic

It’s a brave move to open a brand new brewery at this moment in time. Hell, it’s a brave move to open in Manchester. This great city of beer that is so beloved by so many. 

But chatting with Paul, here at Beatnikz HQ on Red Bank (almost the other side of the railway from Runaway) gives me hope. Man can brew. 

Reading his rolling blog on the brewery website, this is obviously a labour of love. And something that he was prepared to move to realise. I adore the fact that moving to Mancunia is for the right reasons. Not just for beer, this is for family. And that matters. 

Paul has been (whisper this…) cuckoo brewing leading up to the installation of his PBC 8bbl kit, keeping up his skills whilst he fretted about the details of having his own setup. And that setup sure looks pretty. He’s awaiting two new vessels including a conditioning tank. This place looks smart. Glistening smooth flooring, just designed for yeast overflowing! 

He starts brewing here on Tuesday, but tasting the beers, he’s ready to take his place amongst the Mancunian brewing scene. His Pale Ale was fresh. Juicy, refreshing and balanced. His Coffee Stout however…. My heart remains dark. And this beer reaffirmed that adoration of the dark arts. And that beer on its own gives me hope that – in these competitive times (and in this uber competitive Manc beer market) he’ll be fine. 

6.7%, oatmeal smooth, coffee that he roasted himself (there will be an artisanal coffee roaster co-locating shortly), this was a beer that could have been an object lesson in ticking my boxes! 

Take advantage of some of the bottles to takeaway. Rarities. Because the plan is to can. Which Paul explains in more detail on their website. This isn’t a spur of the moment thing, there has been a lot of thought gone into this. 

I had shit to do. Family stuff. Those who know, know. But I wish I could have stayed. Chatting with Jaz, Kayleigh and Ross (Manchester Beer’s golden couple?) is always a pleasure. I even let slip an #ISBF4 secret or two, I’m obviously getting sloppy. 

Treat yourself. Get down to Red Bank and say hello to Paul. Drink some beer. It’s the weekend. You’ve earned it. 

As has Paul. Good job, well done.