Birmingham Beer Bash – 22/07/2016 

OK. This weekend has been a bit of a disaster. I think that the breakdown of my cell phone is what is described as one of those “First World Problems”, but whatever it is, for a moment of two, it felt like my right arm had been ripped off. 

Sad old git. 

Missing Hawkshead Northern Craft fest was a kick in the nuts, but the weekend started in a fabulous fashion. Thanks to Birmingham Beer Bash. 

(photo courtesy Jeff) 

The outrageously early start was compounded by a Keystone Cop style Plan B. You see, I missed my really early bus to Manchester, so a drive to Salford, park outside Gerry’s house then a cab to Shudehill was in order. In short, a right faff. 

But after a hot walk across Birmingham from New Street was rewarded. 

Hugely rewarded indeed. 

This was my first time. And, like most people know, for good or ill, you remember the first. 

 #EvilKegFilth only. And on a day like Friday, that was absolutely fine by me! 

(photo courtesy Jeff) 
This being the third iteration, David and the team seemed….. strangely relaxed. Which was a joy to see. As was the beer selection. 

There seemed to be a regionally organised layout (Southern breweries together, Midlands, North, non-UK) of the bars, with only Brew Dog having their own. 

The thing that struck me – other than the excellent beer quality – was just how totally relaxed that it all was. From the brewers behind the bars alongside volunteers, to the organisers, through to the customers. It was just so….. utterly blissed out. A joy. 

All of the beers I had were spot on flavour wise. Highlights being “I’m Spartacus” by Torrside, “Call of Korriban” by Twisted Barrel,  “Sloe Loris” by Sacre Brew,  a Black IPA by Elusive Brewing & an experimental Pale Ale from Purity called XPA (which was a hurried choice of name and is likely to be changed) 

If pushed, the “Call of Korriban” probably shaded it, a delicious BIPA, on the roasty side of the genre but still hugely hoppy. 

(photos courtesy Les) 

This was just a special day. One that it takes a lot of ingredients to create. Yes, the beer. But the people who serve it, brew it and passionately advocate it. The organisers, the customers, the simply stunning venue on that canalside location. And, most of all, the friends you meet and make there. 

I’m not going to name them. You know who you are/were. 

(photo courtesy Jeff) 
Did I mention that the sun has put his hat on? 

I’m hoping that it was the success that it deserves to be. Despite the fact that it was (cans/bottles aside) an #EvilKegFilth fest, it’s probably the best beer celebration I’ve been too (Festival doesn’t seem to do it justice). 

Congratulations to David, Chris and everybody else that worked their assets off to make this happen. 

Made that 19 hour day more than worth it. In the words of Arnold….. 

For a little (and all too brief)  cask fix, we grabbed a cab across town to The Craven Arms. 

To walk in and be confronted by beers from Revolutions, Weird Beard, Siren and “coming soon” clips from North Riding, I was in my element. 

I’ve got no photos, owing to my phone going belly up. But take my word for it, it’s worth the journey. If I could do that £4.50 return on Megabus again, I’d do it just for the pub! 

I could go on about the delayed bus home, but I *had to stop* at The Brink. I was thirsty after the long trek home. Squawk Pale Ale was stunning. Then the phone melted down.