Beer People Are Good People – There Are Exceptions

A while back now, I posited my truth about the people I’ve met through beer. To a contradictictory reaction of simultaneous praise and mockery.

I freely accept that it is not a universal truth. But it is MY truth.

And I invited others to tell theirs and had one or two rewarding conversations as a result. Conversation and debate is the lifeblood of blogging and all opinions are welcome.

But there are marks that are not to be overstepped. Abuse should not be tolerated.

I am a beer blogger. But I adore music just as much – if not more. I am also overtly political in that I am an avowed Socialist. The s is capitalised deliberately.

The “debate” about “In” or “Out” regarding the EU referendum in the media has been toxic and offensive. This appears to have shifted onto Social Media too, the nearer we get to polling day.

I have recently had reason to “unfriend” two “Beer People” on Facebook due to comments that I found – in order – ignorant/offensive and just downright offensive. I have met neither person physically, but felt that I had shared interests. Not being politically aligned is no reason to not get on – life has too many shades. It’s not all monochrome.

But I do draw lines.

My hashtag remains a truism to me. It is my truth. The people I have actually met on my ongoing beer adventure have been warm, welcoming and generous – both emotionally and with their time, products and effort. Brewers, drinkers, landlords and landladies. All good people.

My love of – and belief in – those people hasn’t altered one iota. Irrespective of their politics.

Beer People are still Good People. But there are exceptions.