Crown & Kettle – Bad Seed Tap Takeover (on now)


I wasn’t supposed to go out last night. Honestly, I wasn’t. I was primed for East West Fest. But then I saw a tweet from Bad Seed. They had a tap take-over. At my favourite Manchester pub.

I had to go. Didn’t I?

I’ve loved the beers from Bad Seed, ever since I had the IPA and Espresso Stout bottles that I’d bought from Yorkshire Ales what seems like decades ago. Was it 3 years? Really? Stunning beers with the design quirk of a hanging tag draped over the bottle. A nice touch. Made the bottles stand out from the crowd.


But design can be as good as you like, it doesn’t mean squat if the beer is crap. And these beers are as far from that…….

Had four of them last night. All superb. From the 7% abv IPA (£3 a pint?), earthy, fruity, lovely and bitter. Through the smooth Oatmeal Stout which – at 4% – was lovely and smooth. The kegged Farmhouse IPA was just how you’d want it. Fruity and with lovely yeasty spice.

This beer though, was the highlight.


The collab with Wild Weather. Wild Seed (Electric Hopfenweisse). Simply put, one stunning hoppy wheat beer.

It was great to chew Chris’ ear off before he had to retreat home to York. I’m chuffed that we’ve got Bad Seed paired against Track at the Independent Salford Beer Festival EKF 5-a-Side collabs. As are they.

Take my advice. Get to the Crown & Kettle and get some Seeds down you.

You’ll thank me.

And isn’t this just the coolest phone case?