In Defence of a Hashtag

Last July, I had a schoolboyish whinge. You can read that HERE (but you REALLY need to have nothing better to do!). The whine was about the use of the word “facile” by the blogging powerhouses that are Boak & Bailey. I got that. Facile was probably spot on to be fair, in so far as their experience is far broader than mine. I quote

“Of course beer is a business like any other – Richard Burhouse says it is ‘naive that people think breweries wouldn’t want to protect their brands’ – but for consumers who have bought into the admittedly facile mantra that ‘beer people are good people’, and an ideal of community co-operation between ‘little guys’, it is rather saddening.”

Spot on. (Click the hyperlink for the – admittedly ENORMOUS – whole post)

The above was a reference to the phrase “Beer People Are Good People” and the ensuing hashtag, which (and I’m not a boastful kind of fella – ask around) I kind of put out there. And I continue to do so. Unashamedly.

It is – I suppose – my truth.

It’s been sad to note that there has been quite a lot of carping and piss taking in certain circles recently about that there hashtag. I shouldn’t take it personally I suppose, because it almost certainly isn’t aimed at me. But, like a big kid, I do.

It stings a little.

I suppose this is a bit like the title of a certain Manic Street Preachers album* – but, different people have different stories to tell. That is the essence of blogging I suppose. That, and opinion.

Now. I’ve never claimed to be smartest of cookies. I certainly never went to university (“never took a paper or a learning degree”) and envy those who are much better with words than I. I’m not deep. I’m fairly thin skinned too, which is one of the reasons why I pop 5mg of Amlopodine each and every day. That and being overweight.

But, you know, over the last 3 1/2 years or so, I’ve made a lot of friends in this beer world. These are – to me – good people. I don’t come across snarkiness or bitching. What I see is co-operation. People helping each other and working together.

Did you think that I REALLY put on two beer festivals on my own? It took the help of a huge number of people with goodwill, love and kindness. A whole lot of people giving up time and money to put on a show. It’s things and people like this that help me. There are some bloody good people knocking around Manchester and the North. I love them. I truly do. And that isn’t just words.

I get too emotional. I’ve always said that when this stops being fun, I’ll quit. So I’ll stop here.

#BeerPeopleAreGoodPeople Especially where I come from and in the beery milieu that I frequent.

This is MY truth. If yours is different, there’s a comments section.

This is the thin skinned one signing out.

(*”This Is My Truth. Tell Me Yours” was a quote by the great Labour politician Aneurin Bevan. Appropriated by The Manics for the title of their 5th studio album. We need more people like Bevan.)