My #12BeersOfXmas 2015 – Day 9 : Art Decade – Five Towns Brewery


Brewed for The Independent Salford Beer Festival by Malcolm Bastow with guest “Mash Monkeys” in Deeekos & YT. This won Beer of the Festival at our bash. And has won other awards elsewhere.

Simply stunning on Cask.

But in bottle?

At 6.4% abv, this pale golden beauty has good carbonation giving a decent white head. But that aroma!!! Oh you fruity little…………. (expletive deleted)!!!

With 5kg of pureed mango & 2kg of pulped peach added to the fermenter (to only 2 1/4 bbl of beer!), this was always going to be fruity. But oh that MANGO!

And in the mouth? It’s like the most tropical fruit cocktail you’ll ever eat. But fruitier again….  That fruit, added to the unfeasible amount of Mosaic & Citra added late in the brew….. You get the idea eh? It’s bloody delicious and – if I’d have done my Golden Pints two weeks later, could have been a contender for bottle of the Year.

It’s THAT good.

All of that fruity goodness and a lowish bitterness make this amazingly easy drinking at the strength. And lead you to a BIG resinous finish.

Beautiful. Peach. Mango. Resinous.

I need a cold shower.