My #12BeersOfXmas 2015 Day 6 : Manchester Imperial Stout – Ramsbottom Craft Brewery


This dark beauty was the strongest beer that we had at #ISBF2015 and I was one of only 2 people to have a pint. Call it “Organisers Privilege”! It was a smooth deep dark destroyer. So much so that the other person to have a pint – let’s call him “Agent C” was last heard saying the immortal phrase “I haven’t got any words”!

This ruby tinged black beer is well carbonated on opening with a lovely beige latticed head giving an aroma of deep chocolate and vine fruits. Always a good start with an Impy for me!

In the mouth? Oh my….. Full bodied, the first flavour that springs onto the tongue is spicy licorice, followed by a deep dark bitter chocolate. This beer wears its strength lightly. The bitter chocolate is eventually replaced by sweet espresso with quite a hoppy bitterness following the swallow.

The lingering impression after the swallow is a spicy tingling all around the mouth, from both the hops and the lashings of roasted barley.

Another dark beauty of a beer. Which, if I remember rightly, rendered the brewer himself, slightly tipsy at #ISBF2015.

Matt done good.