My #12BeersOfXmas 2015 – Day 5 : Govinda (Head Brewers Reserve – White Wine Barrel Aged) – Cheshire Brewhouse


This is the third iteration of this beer that has passed my lips so far. This is aged in purged German white wine casks, the previous (Brandy cask aged version was my Beer of the Year in 2014, so hopes are high for this. This may even be from the same gyle?

So, what have we got? A deep golden beer with light carbonation, a thin white head and a deep fruity nose, slightly spicy, but with a lingering grapy note, making me think of Atilla’s Pinot Grigio from last night!

This is the beer that reminded me that citrus was not the only fruity flavour to enjoy in a beer. This is a beer with big malt, but balanced well by masses of East Kent Goldings giving this a big juicy malt body with shed loads of berry fruitiness. This is a sipper, not a gulper.

This is a proper IPA at 6.8%. Big and juicy, spicy, fruity, with more than a hint of the barrel’s white wine origins. That juiciness gives way in the finish to a deep and slightly peppery hoppy note, that lingers and lingers.

Bacchus (choose your own deity), I adore this beer. It hasn’t let me down yet. In any iteration.