My #12BeersofXmas 2015 – Day 4 : Vin De Cereale 2004 -Rodenbach


On the 4th day of Christmas, my brew love sent to me….

This was brewed in 2004. Just think about that. Many of those doing the #12Beers may not have even been LEGAL to drink when this was made.

I was given this by my my Belgian beer Yoda, Des. Having had a Rodenbach or two, I immediately sensed how generous a gesture this was. And I thank him. Here and now. Cheers Des. A gentleman and a beer scholar.

This cork stoppered beer poured, with little carbonation is a deep brown and has a sour malty nose on it. It’s a Belgian sour for Christ’s sake!

In the mouth? Oh dear, the saliva glands have just submitted an overtime claim! This is indeed a beer and a half!

There a deep Soreen malt loaf fruitiness to this liquid. It’s like you’ve taken a slab of malt loaf, liquidised it, then hit it with Brettanomyces. I’m having to dab the corners of my lips!

The other thing that hits you is the warmth. This is (or was when bottled!) 10% abv and the warmth, when added to the malty sourness reminds me of a good cognac. Soured.

Did anyone ever tell you that these Belgians are quite decent at this Sour malarkey?


Thanks again Des.