My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 3 : Russian Imperial Porter (RIP) – Howling Hops Brewery


I bought this in March. From The Cock Tavern in Hackney (Howling Hops’ own pub/brewery). It’s a beautiful pub. Their cask beer is superb, the American Brown especially. Then I saw this. I HAD TO HAVE IT. Me and this beer have travelled a long way.

And I have demonstrated ENORMOUS willpower to hold back this long.

Satanically black, I swear I can see a pentangle in there somewhere! That cafe au lait head just draws me in.

The smell? Dark fruits. Molasses. Rum. Old leather. If hell smells like this, I want a first class ticket.

Good. Grief. This. Is. *******. Fabulous.

Bitter chocolate comes first. That is then jumped on and blanketed by espresso. Bitter. That is smothered by port wine. Sweet molasses. It’s like a black liquid trifle with a coffee cream topping.

The finish is sweet, boozy and warming. I would sell a kidnety for a cask of this.

And I’ve got a bottle. You haven’t. Cue smug face.

“Silky Black Fighting Beer” – What a fine description.

Go to The Cock Tavern. Say that I sent you. Then thank me later.