#12BeersOfXmas 2015 – Day 1 :RISky Business – Otherton Ales


Brewed whilst David was still Home Brewing (ie: Pre-Commercial), this dark beauty has been aged for 15 months in a chestnut barrel. I was gobsmacked when David handed me a bottle at #ISBF2015 and resolved immediately to save it until this event.

It’s a Russian Imperial Stout (see what he did with that name eh?) and has an “estimated” abv of 11%. Here goes nothing!

Oof! This nose has bitter chocolate made in the 7th circle of hell all over it with a little bretty sourness and some hot lava Java coffee potency in there too! This is scary! And it is retaining it’s mid-brown collar atop it’s dark heart….

First thoughts? Dense and treacly with that brett coming through loud and clear, tingling the tongue and getting the juices flowing. This. Is. Serious.

Big flavours. Slight bretty sourness, big on the coffee with a bitter chocolate hit, lots of raisiny vine fruit action going on too. Must be at least 2 of my 5 a day in here? This probably has bust my calorie allowance for the day. Who needs supper?

This is, quite simply, setting a very high bar for all of the Imperials that follow in my 12.

Stunning. I’m a lucky man!