Bottle – A Great New Bar In The Heatons

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It was meant to be a quick visit for a couple of bottles. I stayed an hour and a half. That’s what can happen when you talk to Corin Bland about beer.

The Heatons were always going to be spoilt. It was just (quite literally) a matter of time – planning permissions, licensing issues etc – before this area just to the north of Stockport got a brace of new bars. First came Damian O’Shea and partner Charlotte’s new bar in Heaton Chapel, then, having waited for ages…..along comes another excellent offering, from another respected purveyor of the finest of beverages…


For those who are wondering what the hell I’m prattling on about, Corin is the man behind High Peak Beer in Stockport’s indoor market, a shop that packs in way too much great beer for such a small spot. If you’ve ever been, you know what I’m talking about.

It was fairly quiet when I popped in, but the bar peaks (no pun intended) an awful lot of interest, because as I was asking Corin how it was going, a number of people – passing the bar – kept putting their faces to the window. Whilst I was sat enjoying an excellent half (well….2 actually!) of Founders All Day IPA, a couple came in, had a beer and left both with several bottles and more knowledge about beer than when they entered.


The bar itself is – to say the least – small, yet it is indeed perfectly formed. Nice and bright, several tables with bar stools (and a couple of stools at the actual bar) and some, shall I say, interesting “artwork” that was very much up my street!

Corin (like me) also has a love of music – shall we say – of a certain vintage. That most certainly shows in the additional decor!




Yes. That’s right. Specially created music themed beer mats! I want some. Please?

Now. Here’s the rub (for some), no cask ale. What there are, however, are seven keg fonts. With, to use Corin’s own words, 2 local beers, two from (farther afield) UK Micros and two from abroad. Plus a lager. On my visit… can see from the photo below….


A fine selection to be sure. What may soothe the brow of those wishing to consume more – shall I say – traditionally conditioned beers, is the fabulous collection of bottles that face the bar. Which, of course, being a complete imbecile, I neglected to take a pic of! But, it looked like a “who’s who” of brewing in the UK, Craft and otherwise.


(Pay no mind to those bottles…They’re mine!)

In all, when the rear yard suntrap is cleared, there is probably room for about 50 people on the premises and I believe the bar was exceptionally busy on its opening weekend – Opening pre-Easter weekend was a good move! Longer term, this looks like a great place that will thrive. The Heatons is obviously the place to be! To say the least….I’m jealous.

Now then….What time is that train from Bolton?


(A small selection! Damn that pink tinge!)

Now, here’s a challenge. One of the pieces of “artwork” also constitutes a music quiz. Each card contains the first line of a song, in a font related to the song. Have as go!


(Quiz Time!)

Along with The Beer Shop on Kingsleigh Road, that now makes 3 bars in The Heatons where you can have a beer on draught and take away a few bottles too.

Anyone fancy a summer “crawl”?

On that note….’til next time….