My #12BeersOfXmas – Day 5 – Hacienda – Weird Beard Brew Co – 6.9% abv – Black Saison


Whilst most of my recent reviews tend to be of Northern Beers (because there are non finer!), I do have a soft spot for Weird Beard, a brewery from whom I’m yet to have a duff beer. So, having also been a member of the “world famous” Hacienda nightclub back in the early 80s, I just had to. Didn’t I?

We’re back on a dark tip here, This is as black as the blackest of coal miners thoughts. It’s black, OK? It also has a head the colour of the froth on a cappuccino giving up tempting (to me!) aromas that have a touch of licorice and that yeasty funk as well as a hint of orange. This is merely to get my saliva glands pumping!

Oh me, oh my! Quite light feeling for the strength, the first flavour is massively bitter chocolate coated licorice sticks! (No, that’s NOT a beery euphemism!). My this is a dark delight and no mistake! There is an unmistakeble pepperiness to this. Quite stunning following the choc and licorice, then, after the yeasty spice, there is a definite marmalade note. This beer ticks more boxes than I have actually got!

Another beery home run from Hanwell! Roll on Day 6!

And yes. Donkey loved it too!!!