My #12Beersof Xmas – Day 1 – Rodenbach – 20/12/2014


RodenbachPalm Breweries (Roeselare, Belgium) – 5.2% abv

A beer the colour of gravy browning (albeit with a ruby red tinge when held to the light)? Do I give an utter toss? Smelling of cherries with an undernote of tart raspberry and balsamico, no I most certainly don’t!

The tartness is dialled down but there is a distinct sourness to this – less than I was expecting though (BBD 14/07/2011 might have contributed to the mellowness!)

Cherry, sour plum. Really fruity and slightly sweet but with an abrupt dry tart finish. I’ve had some actually rather pleasant sours over here (think Quantum Stockport Sour – Pineapple & Scotch Bonnet), but when the Belgians do it so well, why bother?